Black Heroes: A Black History Book for Kids

Read about 51 inspiring black heroes throughout history―biographies for kids ages 8 to 12

From the rulers of ancient Egypt to modern scientists, world-class athletes, and legendary performers, uncover the diverse lives of black leaders and role models throughout history. Black Heroes: A Black History Book for Kids is packed with tons of awesome biographies from Africa, the United States, and around the world.

Explore the trailblazing stories of well-known standouts like Rosa Parks and Barack Obama, and lesser-known luminaries like Rebecca Lee Crumpler, the first African-American doctor, and Benjamin Banneker, an astronomer and mathematician. This black history book for kids makes it easy to learn about how these trailblazers created lasting change and paved the way for future generations.

Black Heroes: A Black History Book for Kids features:

Amazing biographies―Discover the stories behind famous icons as well as lesser-known individuals throughout history, including civil rights heroes (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), stars of the arts (Miles Davis), and scientists and pioneers (aviator Bessie Coleman).
Explore more!―Coupled with each biography in this black history book for kids is a short sidebar that gives you more ways to learn beyond the book.
Engaging portraits―Enjoy the full-color illustrations of these historical heroes while you read along.