Different: A Story About Loving Your Neighbor

On his first day at a new school in a new country, Obinna can tell one thing right away: he is different. His dashiki is different. His hair is different. His speech is different. And his classmates won’t let him forget it. But through the wise words of a loving teacher and the unexpected chance to show his talents, it’s Obinna’s turn to teach all those around him that being different isn’t just okay—it’s the most important thing he ever could be. Different: A Story About Loving Your Neighbor is a beautiful book that teaches kids that differences—whether through race, nationality, gender, or more—are something to accept and celebrate.

And most of all, Different is a tribute to author Chris Singleton’s late mother, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, who, in 2015, was murdered alongside eight other parishioners in a race-related mass shooting at her church. Chris spent the years that followed teaching others to love their neighbor through inspirational talks at colleges, high schools, and middle schools. Later, he finally took the leap to teach the message of inclusivity, love, and unity to our elementary school students through school visits and this book. Every educator, parent, and grandparent has the opportunity—and the responsibility—to teach our future generations to live in unity and harmony.

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