Growth Mindset Workbook for Kids: 55 Fun Activities to Think Creatively, Solve Problems, and Love Learning

A growth mindset can help you develop your abilities to tackle just about anything. Growth Mindset Workbook for Kids is a fun and engaging activity book, for ages 8 to 12, that can help you train your brain and develop creative problem-solving skills through practice and perseverance. You’ll learn how to foster a “can-do” attitude and celebrate your mistakes as a path to ultimate success.

Packed with awesome activities and easy exercises, this complete workbook addressing growth mindset for kids is a great way to master just about anything with a little effort and encouragement. The real and rewarding work of dreaming big, making missteps, and expanding your mind (like a muscle) starts now. Let’s find out what amazing things you can do―a growth mindset for kids is mission possible!

Unlike other books about growth mindset for kids, this one features:

55 Creative exercises―Discover activities and open-ended questions that can help you reflect and gain a growth mindset.
Success stories―Explore real-life tales about kids using a growth mindset to achieve their goals.
Kid-friendly focus―Find out the basics and benefits of developing a growth mindset for kids.
Cultivating a can-do attitude and achieving success starts with a growth mindset for kids.