Maddie’s New Normal


When life suddenly changes for Maddie and everyone she knows, she must learn to make the best of her new normal.

COVID-19, a pandemic illness throughout the world, changed routines, habits, and general daily life for people all over the world, becoming the most significant pandemic in modern history.

Maddie’s struggle through school being cancelled, the absence of her friends and loved ones, and difficulty adjusting to masks and social distancing guidelines serves as encouragement for all of us to accept our challenges and enjoy life as it is. Her struggles help children realize they are not alone. It is common for all children to deal with anxiety, depression, and fear, among other feelings during this time. Maddie’s story can serve as a guide for others to find happiness despite being away from friends and not being at school.

Colors and art can show emotion. We’ve used illustrations in this story to show how Maddie adjusts to this new way of living. Notice that the colors fade away to gray as Maddie struggles with the challenges presented by the coronavirus, but then the bright and cheery colors return as she finds her happiness again in the midst of these uncertain times.

Maddie’s New Normal also offers conversation starters that give parents and teachers an opportunity to discuss the pandemic with their children. The author provides a social / emotional checklist that helps parents monitor the impact on their children.