Pheebe’s Magical Pen

Pheebe is usually a radiant ball of sunshine, but not today. Pen in hand, Pheebe taps into her imaginative side as she drafts up ways to make her day a little sweeter. Once her imagination runs wild, Pheebe ends up solving problems for herself and others, but mostly herself.

Pheebe’s Magical Pen is an endearing escapade with subtle messages: dare to dream, when faced with a problem try to solve it, and don’t let any obstacle stand in your way. In addition to the comical text told by the main character and radiant illustrations, this short story celebrates the ingenious, creative, and imaginative minds of misrepresented brown and black girls. Pheebe’s Magical Pen is a useful resource in the classroom and will engage the students from beginning to end. The content and colorful illustrations are sure to make children smile from ear to ear. This tale broadens the readers vocabulary and provides reading assistance with the Words to Know page. Readers can become writers with the graphic organizers and journal pages in the back of the book. Pheebe’s Magical Pen is surely a page turner. Parents beware, your children may want this book read to them again and again. What Experts Are Saying? Pheebe is every little girl with a big imagination and a sweet tooth. She is a charismatic young lady who wins your heart with her endearing storytelling skills.

The story models how to master the skill of problem solving through Pheebe’s trial and errors without the reader realizing that they are learning a skill until the end. -D.J. Barnes M.Ed. Through comedic storytelling and beautiful pictures, Pheebe takes readers on a magical adventure using her vivid imagination. Pheebe’s Magical Pen ignites an array of interests and teaches children how to draw conclusions while building a robust vocabulary. The story is culturally relevant to Pheebe’s family and enhances the reader’s connectivity to the young explorer and her journey. -Whitney Hawkins M.Ed.