Protector of the Ocean


Protector of the Ocean follows an adventurous girl named Kai who loves to spend time by the ocean. As a young child, she meets a sweet turtle friend named Bella, and they play together in a beautiful, clean ocean. As Kai gets older, she witnesses the effects of pollution on the habitat of her friend and comes back to help protect and preserve the ocean for her and all the other creatures.

The story shares important messages about friendship, protecting the environment, helping others, and empowering children to follow their dreams and make a positive impact. The female lead character who pursues a STEM career is a great role model for girls. The book is perfect for preschool and elementary school children (ages 3-8), but the powerful messages of protecting our planet and making a difference will resonate with any age. With colorful and vibrant illustrations and endearing characters, this book is sure to be a children’s favorite that they will want to read over and over again!

Add this inspiring book to your home or class library! It will be enjoyed by anyone interested in learning more about oceans, marine life, plastic pollution, conservation, and more. The author shares easy to follow tips for children to start their journey in becoming an environmental ally. This book would be perfect to read for Earth Day or World Ocean Day.

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