The Amazing Zoe: A Queen Like Me!

Zoe and Kaitlyn love playing dress-up, but the fun of their playdate fizzles when Kaitlyn refuses Zoe the role of princess based on Kaitlyn’s perception of what princesses look like.

Sad and confused, Zoe returns home, where her mom and dad share the names and history of real African princesses and queens. Zoe’s parents use the disagreement between Kaitlyn and Zoe as an opportunity to educate Kaitlyn’s whole family on prominent African female leaders. With a new jeweled “Nnabagereka” gown and a beautiful beaded necklace for her best friend, Zoe ensures she and Kaitlyn both have a little piece of Africa as they resume their regal princess and queen tea party.

As you read this story with your child they will learn:

Our unique appearances do not limit what we can do or who we can be
Unfair treatment can be handled in a kind and peaceful way
We focus on the heart of the person, not what they look like

This story is an entertaining, yet educational way to address and celebrate diversity & inclusiveness among young children.

Join Zoe on her latest real life adventure. You’re sure to be warmed at heart by this lovely story of how people are more the same than we appear on the outside!

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