The Complete Baking Cookbook for Young Chefs: 115 Amazing & Delicious Recipes for Young Bakers to Learn the Baking Basics

Help kids develop their culinary know-how as they make healthy, wholesome, kid-approved meals―first with an adult and eventually all on their own!

The Complete Baking Cookbook for Young Chefs is the ultimate kids’ cookbook, helping them build essential skills, practice food and kitchen safety, and gain confidence and imagination.

The cookbook will help you:

•115+ Healthy recipes―The cookbook features 115 of the gooiest, chewiest, easiest-to-follow recipes ever! This book teaches young bakers how to make everything from wicked good Boston crème donuts to delicious monkey bread to a mind-blowing stuffed-crust dessert pizza.

•Kids baking basics―From oven safety to measuring ingredients, kids will learn the ABCs of successful baking.

•Go beyond baking―Practicing the art and science of baking with this cookbook helps kids gain the knowledge, confidence, and creativity to take on other projects that inspire them.

•Facts and tips―From variations on your favorite recipes to fun food facts, this kids cookbook covers everything.

The sweetest treat you’ll find in this cookbook is even better than something you can eat―it’s the memories you’ll cook up.